Hey Dolls,

Mrs. Pound here. Who am I, you may ask? I’m everything you’ve ever dreamt of but never
can possess. A little bit of sugar with lots of spice, I’m a riddle wrapped
inside a mystery. Still not sure? Read on, my loves

As the story goes, my claim to fame was in the 1950s when I began my lustrous career as a
burlesque dancer. I met my darling friend Gypsy Rose Lee at a bar in New York City. She
took me under her wing and taught me the art form of burlesque. I fell in love! My life revolved
around feathers, glitter, and using my natural gift of seduction…which then turned into travelling
around the world on the arms of different suitors, experiencing flavours and cuisines
from across the globe.


During a trip to Hong Kong, I met a certain Mr. Ming. He completely swept me off
my feet – I was infatuated with him! With our love brought a certain amount of attention,
which Mr. Ming was not fond of. He built me my own shop behind a facade of stamps to hide
me away from the masses of adoration…I gathered my favorite recipes that I had learnt
during my world travels, combined with some delish cocktails and
started whipping up my delicacies for all my dolls to taste!

Soon after Hong Kong, I travelled to Paris where I was charmed by my now beau Mr. Lee
. Without going into too much detail (some things are meant to be kept a secret 😉 ),
Mr. Lee took me to the Cadenas d’amour – the famous love lock bridge – where
we engraved our initials on a lock, locked it onto the bridge and threw the key into
the river as a way to symbolise our unbreakable bond. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Having made Hong Kong my home base, I revamped my shop front and brought my own
love lock bridge to Pound Lane. Want to meet me? You’ll find me most days in my Shop
sipping on my fav ‘Bridge of Love’ cocktail and eating my way through my
unique Asian street food bites.

See you soon, loves.

XoXo, Mrs. Pound