The Seven Deadly Gin


  1. Gin of Pride
  2. Gin of Lust
  3. Gin of Envy
  4. Gin of Sloth
  5. Gin of Wraith 
  6. Gin of Greed
  7. Gin of Gluttony 

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Gin of Pride 

  • Ingredients: Juniper, Grape spirit, Peppermint, Gum Leaf, Saltbush 
  • Flavour Profile: Citrusy 

Gin of Lust

  • Ingredients: Floral Grape Spirit, Macerated Fresh Cherries, Macerated Raspberries, Mixed with a Super-Bright Gin (infused with Lavender, Vanilla Chamomile,Earl Grey, Cinnamon and Star Anise) 
  • Flavour profile: Sweet, Fruity, Thick, Sticky, 

Gin of Envy

  • Ingredients: Wormwood, Strawberry Gum Leaf, Native Australian Thyme, Lemon Myrtle, malt spirit
  • Flavour profile: Juniper, Citrusy

Gin of Sloth

  • Ingredients: Juniper, Adelaide Hills Saffron, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove, Chamomile, Wormwood, Licorice Root, Angelica Root and Orange Peel
  • Flavour profile: Bitter, Spicy, Aromatic, (Distinctive aroma, mouthfeel and texture that is perfect for lazy day)

Gin of Wraith 

  • Ingredients: Sriracha, Wasabi, Finger Limes, Pepperberries, Macadamia, Black Cardamom 
  • Flavour profile: Spicy, Juniper, Aromatic,

Gin of Greed

  • Ingredients: Aged brandy-base that had been spiced with Chai herbs and matured for 18 months, Green Cardamom, Pepperberry, Orange Peel, Gentian Root, Roasted Wattleseed, Cloves, Earl Grey Tea, Almond, Orris Root 
  • Flavour profile: Juniper, Rich, Heavy 

Gin of Gluttony 

  • Ingredients: Juniper,  Smoked Bacon fat, Oak Chips, Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla, Macadamia and a bunch of Fresh Orange Peel, Hints of Cheese Kransky
  • Flavour profile: Aromatic, Hints of smokiness/ashiness, 


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